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Pamela Anderson calls for an end to reality TV shows (Reports)

Pamela Anderson has called for an end to reality television, saying she has felt "no feeling of accomplishment" after her experiences on shows such...

Mercedes-Benz no steering wheel? Bizarre new car of the future

Mercedes-Benz no steering wheel? Bizarre new car of the future. Mercedes-Benz thinks the future of autonomous driving could look a lot like a 10-year-old movie. The...

Scientists find regular rhythms among pulsating stars

Astronomers have detected regular pulsations in a class of intermediate-sized stars known as delta Scutis that has until now puzzled scientists. Using data from NASA’s...

Microsoft nears deal to buy Minecraft maker Mojang : WSJ

Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) is in serious discussions to buy Mojang AB, the Swedish company behind the popular "Minecraft" video game, The Wall Street Journal...

Jim Ratcliffe is UK’s richest man, Report

Jim Ratcliffe named as UK's richest man and record number of women among 1,000 wealthiest. Jim Ratcliffe, chief executive of chemicals firm Ineos, saw his...