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New super-Earth is discovered: Scientists discover planet that could support life

Astronomers have discovered 60 brand new planets which are orbiting stars near the Earth’s solar system. The most notable is described as a hot "super-Earth"...

Coronavirus Updates: Mosques in Iran to resume daily prayers

Government employees have returned to work in Iran and President Hassan Rouhani said mosques are to resume daily prayers throughout the country, even though...

Coronavirus Updates: Russia registers another 14,231 cases in new daily record

Russia confirmed 14,231 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, setting a new record for its daily tally of infections. It's the first...

Marnie the dog dies at 18, according to her owner

The popular Instagram star Marnie the Dog, a shih tzu known for her dangling tongue and titled head, has died at the age of...

Melania Trump Breaks Silence After Vanishing Rumors

'Missing' Melania Trump breaks silence after 20-day absence. After a suspicious 20-day absence from all public appearances, first lady Melania Trump resurfaced Wednesday with a...